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My teen daughter began taking piano lessons for the first time and absolutely loves it. Ms. Amanda is amazing and my daughter looks forward to going to lessons each week. The music that she plays is music that she enjoys and songs that are familiar to her, so it doesn't feel like basics. Amanda even teaches her ukulele along with piano. The lessons are all tailored to exactly what my daughter needs and is interested in.

Katie G, Teen 
Piano & Ukulele

I have had an incredible experience with my instructor, Amanda. I didn't have any sort of music lessons growing up, so I was a bit nervous to be starting from scratch as an adult. Those nerves were gone within minutes of meeting my instructor and beginning the lessons. She was very welcoming and took the time to get to know me and what I was hoping to accomplish in the lessons. I feel like I've made good progress in the few months since we started, and I'm excited to continue that progression.

Derek P, Adult 

Taking voice lessons with Amanda was a fantastic decision! After 5 months of lessons I have noticed a lot of improvement, and I sing at my church consistently, so it helps me sooo much! Amanda, is incredible - she makes every lesson comfortable and fun and we laugh a lot. She really goes above and beyond for her students, learning their song selections and researching new vocal warm ups and exercises outside of lesson time. She is always coming up with new things to help me achieve my personal goals.

Nakita H, Adult 
Voice & Piano

Ms. Amanda is so kind and helpful with my daughter's singing lessons and ukulele. My daughter doesn’t want to sing for just anyone, yet she is incredibly talented. Although, Amanda has brought out her confidence and taught her amazing techniques that helped her improve, while bringing out her special talents. I highly recommend Amanda for all ages.

Shelly S, 7yr old 
Voice & Ukulele

As anyone with a young child can attest, holding their attention long enough to impart knowledge and skills is a unique challenge. Amanda is more than up to the challenge. In fact, she exceeds. Amanda is adept and skilled at helping my daughter focus and enjoy her weekly piano lessons. She has given us useful tips on how to encourage at-home practice. More importantly, Amanda makes each lesson unique and FUN.

Leigh B, 8 yr old

Amanda is so patient and encouraging. She always has a smile on. I wish my childhood music instructors were like that. My daughter loves her teacher Ms Amanda who has been so wonderful and is so talented. Thanks Amanda!

Jona R, 4 yr old 

We were lucky enough to get piano classes with Amanda. Our daughter is thriving due to Amanda’s kind, gentle and engaging personal style. Musically, she breaks things down into easy, kid friendly and fun lessons. Our daughter loves Amanda’s “Hedgehog Missions!”

Jenny E, 6 yr old 

Our son loves his ukulele teacher Miss Amanda. She is wonderful and her teaching techniques are great. She is very nice with kids. She is very good at comprehending her students strengths and the area of improvements.

Sudeshna, 5 yr old 

My daughter really enjoyed taking singing and piano lessons. Amanda was always so enthusiastic and fun, but also very organized in her lesson plans and following up on how much my daughter practiced that week. You can tell she is passionate about what she does.

Alisa P, 10 yr old
Voice & Piano

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