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Musical Life

We are redefining what it means to be a musician. The beauty of a musical life lies in its ability to enrich anyone’s life, regardless of age. Music isn't reserved for specialists or prodigies, nor is it only for those who started young. Musical Minds Music Studio began by offering lessons to all ages, but soon recognized the unique needs of adult learners. We are proud to provide piano and voice lessons to adults.

Adult piano player practicing piano to play at church

Whether you are a college student eager to learn piano to join the worship team at your local church (Hi, Faith!)

A working adult who dreams of playing piano to accompany your favorite Lewis Capaldi, Demont Kennedy, & Sam Smith songs (Hi, Xen!)

Happy Adult Student Playing Piano During an Online Lesson at Musical Minds Music Studio
In-person Voice Lesson with Adult Student at Musical Minds Music Studio

we're saying yes to play,
no matter what age

A retired couple simply having fun and acquiring new skills as snowbirds (Hi, Sue and George!)

An aspiring singer who has always wanted to develop the confidence to sing on stage at an open mic and with a group of friends (Hey there, Emily!)

A former wall street employee turned musician who writes your original songs, plays festivals, and is producing your original music to share with the world (Chi, invite us to your next show!

Online Voice Lesson with Adult Student at Musical Minds Music Studio
Musical Minds Music Studio Instructor teaching an adult how to play piano in an online lesson

your musical journey awaits- let's turn your dreams into reality

Amanda Juline

Instructor, Music Coach

Adult piano student performing at concert for performance experience

Amanda is a performer, songwriter, and teaching artist based in Colorado. ​She views music and education to be truly radical, beautiful work. 

A devoted music enthusiast and lifelong pianist, Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Music & Entertainment Studies with an emphasis in Songwriting from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, she also sings and plays piano as part of the Worship Team for churches in Denver and Littleton.

It is her passion to inspire others through music, be it by crafting meaningful song lyrics, captivating audiences on stage, or imparting knowledge in the music studio.

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