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Adult piano lessons. Adult voice lessons. Music lessons for adults.

Here at Musical Minds Music Studio, our passion is helping you find and follow yours - 

Whether you're eyeing karaoke nights with friends, aiming to join the church worship team, dreaming of owning the open mic stage, or just itching to nail those Adele hits, our adult piano and voice lessons

are all about fun and designed to meet your musical goals.

Join musicians from around the world and say "Yes" to What You Love

Adults learning piano

Play your favorite songs on the piano.

Perform onstage at an open mic.

Join the worship team at church.

Write your ORIGINAL songs.

What are your musical dreams?

Let's play the music you've always imagined.

Through piano voice lessons, we've educated aspiring musicians, working adults, and busy parents on achieving their musical lives. 

Adult having fun learning piano at Musical Minds Music Studio

To get started, simply...

1. Send over your preferred lesson days

2. We'll send some time options

3. Confirm your spot and get ready to start playing!

it couldn't be easier.


Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch shortly.

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